About Us

About Us

Family is everything to us here at Little Naah. From the inspiration behind our brand to the products we sell, family is at our heart. We’re an independent UK business based in Worthing, West Sussex, selling clothing and accessories for baby and toddler girls. Our fashions are carefully chosen and curated – because little girls should be allowed to blossom and show off their sense of style!

Little Naah means “little mummy” in our native tongue. It’s a nod to our mothers, who taught us to work hard to achieve our dreams while always feeling beautiful and elevating others. Those values shine through in our high-quality, super-chic clothing and caring customer service. Some of our items are made by hand; every order is dispatched swiftly with your satisfaction as our priority.

We believe every girl deserves to feel fabulous and be appreciated, whether she’s a tiny tot or a wise mummy. When your little lady wears one of our cute outfits, she’s free to dream big, be herself and make everyone fall in love with her! Shop Little Naah for feel-good fashion your baby or toddler girl will adore. If you have questions about our products or delivery options, email us at

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